Math Links & Resources:

M.C. Escher Art:    Check out some of his artwork!


Interactive Tessellations:


Powers of Ten: 

An interactive simulation site that illustrates scientific notation. From the very tiniest particle to the largest known star clusters in the universe. You'll be amazed, and at the same time, have a new perspective on how big, things really are.

 Math is Fun:

A website covering many Math concepts mainly at all levels.  Plenty of games, puzzles, practice, and lessons.

Khan Academy:

This site provides video lessons of every possible Math concept. Students can practice while the site tracks their progress.


This link offers practice exercises that matches the Nova Scotia Math Curriculum.

XP Math:

A site that has numerous Math games related to almost every math concept.



Here, you’ll find a number of activities, lessons, standards and other links.

Math Playground:

Flash based games, videos, activities, and puzzles.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives:


This link offers flash based activities and tools.

AAA Math:


AAA Math features a comprehensive set of thousands of interactive arithmetic lessons.

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