It is expected that students:

- come to class prepared not only with materials, but mentally, emotionally and physically

- give their best effort at all time

- take part in all kinds of learning opportunities

- complete work, assignments, practice exercises in a timely manner

- RESPECT the school and class environment, their peers, staff members, and above all, themselves

- take ownership of their learning


It takes a community to raise a child.  The school is only one small part of the whole.  Everyone must act together as a unit to give a child the best chance to succeed.  Students are at school for about six hours a day.  The rest is spent outside the school environment.  Therefore, parents, guardians, and other adults play a huge role in fostering learning, caring and in investing in their children’s education.  Parents and guardians can also help by providing an environment where their child sees the value in education. 

Here at school and in my classroom, I will provide the opportunities for each student to succeed and excel.  Also, I will provide a learning environment where student feel safe and welcomed. 

Students need to take full advantage of every learning opportunity offered to them.  This comes in the form of reviewing, practicing, getting extra help, asking questions, participating during class, focusing on instruction, and joining clubs or sports teams.  If you do the above, you give yourself a very good chance to be successful.  My mantra is simple, “You get out what you put into it”.



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